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eggman's april tricks

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too sad to sleep

too tired to do anything else


Me: *doggy paddles* “make us free na splash kasaneta”

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at a horror movie

bf:are you scared?
me:in this economy who wouldn't be


((basically it’s one of these


holy shit that is beautiful and also i need one of those like now immediately???????

chad is so fucking hot like it’s almost upsetting

like sometimes i think about him and i’m just like


first of all how dare you


So I really want to cosplay Catlad/Stray…

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i fucking adore literally all headcanons like omfg

thatonelesbianyouknow asked: general headcanons on Gord, if you still wanted headcanon asks???? or if someone already asked you for Gord, Justin headcanons because he's my bae



-Once Gord cut his own hair in the fifth grade after looking at a few magazines, he wanted a ringo starr type of cut but ended up cutting his bangs so short they curled up and he had to wear a hat for three weeks untill they grew out.

-Gord doesn’t eat often but when he does it’s usually cereal. he could eat his bodyweight in captain crunch.

-his favorite musicians is Ke$ha and The Fleetwoods.

-he paints his toenails when he’s bored

-he has a corded phone attachment thing for his cell just so he can twirl his finger in it while he talks


The Art of Kindness - Bully, Justin/Parker

wow its been a while since ive written fic unoffensive enough to post on my main lmao

well here you go bully fandom

here’s something you never asked for or even wanted

you’re welcome

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Anonymous asked: jimmy gord



I have so many headcanons for these two but I can’t remember which ones I’ve shared or not. Ugh.

- Gord probably fully expected that his interest in Jimmy would stop once he actually got him. Imagine his surprise when instead haha, nope, you’re in this hormonal blitz for the long haul, kid.
- Gord basically uses jimmy as his personal dress up doll constantly. Sometimes it annoys jimmy but usually he’s fairly blasé about it. Gord’s super cute when he’s happy and in his fashion zone anyway, and his hands wander, so he can put up with it. At least for a little bit. It gets a bit much after the second hour.
- Jimmy introduces Gord to all sorts of poor people food and culture. Hot pockets and top ramen and mcdoubles and all that.
- and the whole secret mcdonalds menu thing (ie the mcgangbang)
- Jimmy doesn’t really care that much about impressing most of gord’s friends except he did actually want to earn tads approval. Tad didn’t really give a shit either way and found his attempts to win him over more annoying than endearing, especially since he already thought Jimmy was a good fit for Gord.
- Jimmy dreads birthdays and holidays because Gord is impossible to shop for, especially when you’re on a budget.
- Gord wears reading glasses and Jimmy is constantly trying to snap pictures of him when he’s wearing them
- the two of them are constantly trying to outdo each others’ selfies.
- when Gord tops, he’s a brutal, super dominant top. Thinking about it gets Jimmy a little hard, especially since Gord is such a little twinky sort of guy.
- Gord and Jimmy were probably a little secretive especially at first because of the clique but mostly because of gord’s father. Also the sneaking excited Gord.
- they’ve spent weeks together at the beach house, almost like they were playing at being a married couple. They both like how stable and safe it feels. Being able to rely on each other. To depend on somebody.

my baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabiessssss

i apologize in advance for this fic i’m about to post


thatonelesbianyouknow said Trent/Kirby
And also jimmy/gord but someone sent in an ask for that so. I shall do that then.
- Kirby made the first move. But he did so more than once because Trent would not take a hint. Finally Kirby had to bluntly corner him in the shower and say “dude. Not joking. I want to suck your dick.” Maybe not exactly like that but neither of them are particularly eloquent. Bluntness in general is the way to go with Trent. Hinting around only leads to frustration.
- they have a tendency over fighting over who bottoms. Trent is kind of a lazy do nothing bottom because he’s kind of a lazy do nothing guy anyway. Kirby is totally a bossy bottom. And a bitchy one at that.
- Trent is really into 69. Kirby not so much. Kirby really likes it from behind though and Trent doesn’t really like that either though so.
- Trent whines that they never go out and do anything. Kirby is more of a netflix and cuddling sort. Or watching the big game and making Trent get him food sort.
- whatever the case, whatever they’re doing, they both tend to eat a lot.
- they were nominated for cutest couple sophomore year and Kirby nearly killed Bucky, who was on the yearbook committee, until they were taken off. Trent was pissed at losing his one chance at winning something, dammit.
- they both want to have a threesome but neither like the choice the other offers. They definitely don’t have the same taste in men.
- Trent is constantly trying to get Kirby to just admit he has a foot fetish already, more even than trying to out him.
- Russell has walked in on them multiple times.

These are all pretty bad. I apologize. I thought I could do better but alas.

shhh these are all great because fuCKING NERDS


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